Short film-contribution to Scientific Colloquium:

'Gender Normativity and its Impact on Childhood and Adolescence'



In May 2011, Transgender Luxembourg approached REVERSED PICTURES A.S.B.L. to write and shoot short films dealing with (trans-) gender issues in modern Western culture. These short films are to be shown at a colloquium at the Abbey Neumünster to provide attendees with further - and perhaps more artistic - input within the field of gender studies. The colloquium is entitled 'Gender Normativity and its Impact on Childhood and Adolescence' and is scheduled from Monday, 24th – Saturday, 29th September 2012 in Luxembourg.

The short films aim to raise awareness of (trans)gender issues, thus complementing the academic part of the colloquium. However, Reversed Pictures' contribution to the colloquium is first and foremost meant to put the academic discourse in context in creative and aesthetic fashion.
The Luxembourgish Service National de la Jeunesse (SNJ) and the European Commission granted us financial aid to help us produce the short films.

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Director: Christian Welsch
Writer: Christian Welsch
D.o.P.: Juan Aguilar
Cast: Laure Schreiner, Luc Huberty, Alain Kieffer, Christian Welsch
Running time: approx. 5'
Language: English

Synopsis: Barbara Moore seeks professional help. She hasn't felt at ease with her body in a long time. This sparks a visit to Mason/Cruz, an up-and-coming plastic surgeon duo in London's SoHo district. Together with her friend, Barbara consults with the doctors. Her wish? Make her look like Barbie, the 'epitome of beauty'.

Director: Juan Aguilar
Writer: Juan Aguilar
D.o.P.: Juan Aguilar, Justin Schmidt
Cast: Carine Kolber, Silvana Werner, Pierre Kolber, Carlos Ferreira, Laurence Streitz, Michel Tereba, Elena Vozarikova
Running time: approx. 20'
Language: English

Synopsis: Having been bullied and confronted with intolerance and lies all life long Alex decides to do something about it and goes on a high-speed joyride. The next morning, a professor-friend reads Alex's missing person report in the newspaper and suddenly understands a letter Alex had written to him: In it his former student explained the shocking reasons for not coming to his class anymore.


Director: Juan Aguilar
Writer: Valérie Rassel, Juan Aguilar
D.o.P.: Justin Schmidt, Juan Aguilar
Cast: Jan Knobloch, Joana van de Löcht, Riana Shkololli, Max Sieckmeyer
Running time: approx. 5'
Language: German

Synopsis: A busy canteen. A pair of women shoes leave a table. Kim is looking for the toilet. Right after the pair of shoes enters the lavatory for ladies, two students are shocked at Kim's appearance and start tattling immediately. The pair of women shoes leave again. Not feeling welcomed at all. Again...

Director: Juan Aguilar
Writer: Valérie Rassel
D.o.P.: Justin Schmidt
Cast: Dr. Erik Schneider
Running time: approx. 17'
Language: German

Synopsis: The interview with Dr. Schneider, psychiatrist and co-founder of Transgender Luxembourg, was held on April 20th 2012 and investigates inter alia the subject of 'terminology in the transgender and intersex-debate'.